Are You Lottery Smart?

I’m sure you remember those days in school when your teacher would start class by saying, “Clear your desks. Today we’re going to have a pop quiz!” It’s the one statement that was always followed by a collective groan from the entire room.

Lucky for you, I’m not a teacher. But I do have a quiz for you!

You’re a faithful Ohio Lottery player, so you should know a thing or two about our games, right? As part of our special promotion of the Lucky 7’s Playbook, we came up with a seven question quiz for our players and Facebook fans! The good news is your grade doesn’t go on your permanent record, so it’s ok if you don’t know all the answers. You might even learn something you didn’t know about our games! 

Starting Friday September 14 you can visit our Ohio Lottery Facebook page, take the quiz and if you’re proud of your score share it!  If you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, what are you waiting for?

Put your thinking caps on! I want to see 7/7, or an A+, on your report card!

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