A Top Prize Tax Free!

Imagine buying a lottery ticket and thinking that you had won $5 only to find out that you won $5,500! That’s how Top Prize Drawing winner Lillie Whitelow’s story begins.

Lillie Whitelow TPD Winner

Lille Whitelow of Xenia won the $100,000 Top Prize Drawing on the instant ticket Tax Free Holiday

The Xenia resident was driving home from her daily trip to Wal Mart and thought she would stop at BP and buy a $5 ticket. She bought a $5 Tax Free Anniversary ticket. She discovered that the ticket she thought won her only $5 was actually worth $5,500 and a Top Prize Drawing entry, she almost fell over! That was in 2010. Two years later she got the call from the Ohio Lottery that she won the $100,000 TPD prize. Lillie couldn’t stop screaming when she got the news. 

Lillie retired after working 30 years, eight months and four days of her life at the Xenia Library. She’s almost 80 years old, and she says she finally feels like she will be on easy street. Lillie’s win means she can pay off all of her bills, and make the holidays special for her family. She loves to bake, read and spoil her 4 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

Congratulations, Lillie!


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