$2 Million Surprise!

You know, we like to surprise our winners from time to time. Last November we set up a $1 million surprise for Top Prize Drawing winner Traci Skinner. She was in her nursing class in Columbus when we rushed in with the giant check.

John won the $2 million Top Prize Drawing on Lucky Millionaire!

Last week, we went to Girard to surprise John Cramer. John’s daughter Ciera helped us get him to Kuzman’s Tavern for what he thought was a nice quiet lunch. What he didn’t know was that we were waiting in the wings with a check for $2 million!

John won $5,500 and a TPD entry on the Lucky Millionaire ticket he played last August. When the TPD drawing came up this month John came out on top.

His entire family was there for the big reveal, a few who didn’t find out until they were in the car headed to the restaurant. It’s a big secret to keep! Ciera kept the secret for a whole week, and we’re glad she did! John was shocked when he saw the check, and he didn’t suspect a thing.

John chose the prize annuity of $100,000 for the next 20 years. He says he’ll keep going to work, but his prize is going to help his family with a lot. John’s first order of business is a vacation to Florida.

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