Getting Poetic with a $100,000 Top Prize Surprise

A visit from the Ohio Lottery

‘Twas a night in December; at the end of a street,
Some employees from the Lottery, in the dark we did meet.
Sneaking into a backyard; in our hands a big check,
Posed as Holiday Carolers, we crept up on the deck.

Jon Bradish was at home, finishing his dinner,
Little did he know that he was a big winner,
Of the Top Prize Drawing for One Hundred Grand,
Our clever scheme was going as planned!

He had no idea of what we were bringing,
And then we were ready and started our singing,
Off-key but enthusiastic, we made such a clatter,
That Jon rose from his chair to see what was the matter.

He opened the door and started to grin,
For he knew all of a sudden that he did win,
The Top Prize from the Season’s Greetings Instant Game.
“You’re our big winner!” we all proclaimed. 

“This is the high point of my life” Jon did say,
“This money will help around the holiday.”
A joyful family around Jon, it was a happy sight,
Our work done, we left. All in all, a good night!

Jon Bradish and dad

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