Follow the Red Ball

What’s your favorite Ohio Lottery game? We have a lot of loyal players. Some make it a point to buy a Classic Lotto ticket, and some are fans of the Mega Millions. And then there are our Pick 3 players. You all know what’s coming back, don’t you? It’s Red Ball!!

Starting January 27, 2013, Pick 3 players can boost their prize by 20% in both the midday and evening drawings!

Are you new to Pick 3 and Red Ball? Here’s what you need to know. The Lottery places seven balls, one red and six white, into a special Red Ball drawing machine. Once the Pick 3 numbers are drawn, the Lottery will draw from the Red Ball machine. If the white ball is drawn, Pick 3 players who match the numbers win the standard prize. After that draw the white ball is removed, improving the odds of drawing the red ball for the next drawing.

When the red ball is drawn, Pick 3 winners receive about 20% more when they cash their ticket. After the red ball is drawn, all of the balls are returned to the drawing machine for the next drawing. If the red ball isn’t drawn in six consecutive draws, it’s an automatic Red Ball bonus for Pick 3 winners for that drawing.

It’s a fun bonus that could put some extra winnings in your pocket!

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