Getting Crafty with Lottery

I know you’ve been in that situation. You know, the one where you need a gift for a loved one or friend but have no idea what to get them! And if you get them Ohio Lottery tickets, an envelope is just boring. Courtney Karam of Columbus found a fun and crafty way to give her father-in-law his favorite Ohio Lottery tickets.Bernie and dice lottery ticket gift

Courtney’s father-in-law Bernie is an avid lottery player. He lives in North Carolina, but his children live in Ohio, New York and Virginia so he gets in on games in every state. His son picks up a Rolling Cash 5 ticket for him every week.

Knowing his love of gaming, Courtney decided to whip up a Christmas gift of lottery. Courtney used a styrofoam form and covered it with $1 instant tickets using stick pins to make the first gift, a Christmas wreath.  

Poker Chip Lottery tix gift“I don’t know how I came up with it. I found inspiration in a craft store. I looked at the styrofoam molds and thought, what could I make that into?” Courtney said. 

Over the years she has made eight different gifts including casino chips made of tickets, dice, a package and most recently a roulette wheel. They look great, but they don’t last long! “He takes them apart that day and gets his penny out and starts scratching!” Courtney said.

Courtney loves crafting, and she says she looks forward to these projects every year.  “I love to make him happy! And he seems to really enjoy it! He hasn’t won big yet, but I think he would share if he did,” she said.Roulette wheel lottery ticket gift

What will she make next year? Stay tuned! She promised to send a photo!



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