Coming Up on Cash Explosion!

You could do a lot of things with your Cash Explosion winnings. Some people pay off their bills, some buy a new car, and some go shopping but on tomorrow’s show the winnings are all about the kids. Three contestants on the show say they will use their winnings for a trip to Disney World!

Kids at CE Ann Finesman of Cincinnati surprised her grandkids by telling them during her second turn in the semifinal game! The grandkids sitting in the audience screamed with excitement after hearing the news!

The surprise was on Jay Mitchell of Follansbee, West Virginia when he mentioned that the winnings were going to help pay for a family vacation to Disney World. His kids cheered at the surprise news, and so did a few others in the audience who hoped to convince Jay to let them take the trip too! Kids at CE 2

Elaine Aranyosi of Toledo wanted to use her winnings to return to Disney World. She was at Disney on that fateful day in September 2001, so she wants to go back to make it a happier experience.

Find out just how much they won Saturday, February 16 at 7:30pm on Cash Explosion!

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