Thank You Cash Explosion!

Melani Sprout, a contestant on the Dec. 22 Cash Explosion show, took the time to write to Ohio Lottery staff and share thoughts about her recent show experience.  An excerpt of her note is below.

Cash Explosion contestant, Melani Sprout

Cash Explosion contestant, Melani Sprout

Join in the fun by tuning into Cash Explosion at 7:30 p.m. Saturdays on your local Ohio Lottery carrier station network!

 Good Afternoon Ken,

I just wanted to take a few minutes to really tell you and the rest of the amazing lottery gang how truly grateful Keith and I are for our experience with the Cash Explosion show!

 …Many people have said to me how lucky I am to have won $100,000.00 and yes I feel truly blessed. But I felt that the whole experience was just more than winning money. I met some really amazing people while I was down recording the show. I felt so privileged to have met the other contestants and to have heard their stories and to have shared mine as well.

 …When we came back from taping the show a few weeks later we paid off all of our debt and for the first time ever planned a family vacation to Florida! 

 …We are still both working 2 jobs and my cleaning business has picked up 3 new customers, so we are staying busy, but a financial burden has certainly been lifted off of our shoulders.

 …I really wanted to say to all of you “Thank You So Very Much”.


Melani A. Sprout 

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1 Response to Thank You Cash Explosion!

  1. jim says:

    Congratz I’m honored to met and getting to know great people and thx for your kindness in letting me be part it jim . I can ever help you you need ill try thx again jim Melani thx again hope we be friends ect god bless you cheers Jim

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