Cash Explosion online entry just got better

If you could save time, the cost of postage and earn more chances to win, would you do it? Sounds like a win, win, win!  Starting March 18, when you enter your ticket for the upcoming Cash Explosion contestant drawing, use online entry.

As an online entrant, your ticket will be part of monthly bonus drawings for $100 and $1,000 prizes, and one special quarterly drawing for a single large prize!

What’s not to like about that?

Bonus drawings begin later this spring. Please note:  only current, non-expired entry tickets are eligible.

As of March 2013, that means Cash Explosion #878 and Cash Explosion #129 (starting March 18, 2013)  are eligible for bonus drawings.  Learn more here:

Good luck!

Cash Explosion #129, on sale March 18.

Cash Explosion #129, on sale March 18.

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37 Responses to Cash Explosion online entry just got better

  1. Carol Martin says:

    l like the idea of more chances to win thanx ohio lottery

  2. Andrea Pavlovicz says:

    How come most show contestants have easily pronounced last names? Those of us with long or difficult last names don’t seem to have a chance of getting selected. Is it really the luck of the draw?

  3. jim says:

    Why is it that cash explosion does not show public the picking of the names of contestants? What is your method and procedure of picking contestants? For what length of time are winning tickets held ?

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Thank you for your question. The Cash Explosion contestant drawing is held weekly at Ohio Lottery offices in Cleveland. The drawing is observed by the representatives of the Auditor of State’s Office. It’s also taped for security purposes.

      Entry tickets are held for one drawing. Here’s a link to the drawing schedule so you get a sense of how long tickets are held. Once a drawing takes place, the tickets held for that drawing are destroyed.

      So you get an idea of how this works, each drawing is staffed by a member of the Ohio Lottery’s draw team, a member of Cash Explosion and a representative from the Auditor of State’s Office, who observes the drawing. Since we’ve added online entry as a feature, these entries are placed in virtual bins. Mailed in entries are held in physical bins. Every bin is numbered. (Recently, there have been about 16 bins per drawing.)

      Once everything is assembled, a member of the Ohio Lottery draw team draws bin numbers using a random number generator. If the bin selected is a physical bin, a member of Cash Explosion is blindfolded and reaches into that bin to select an envelope. Once the entry ticket in that envelope is verified, we have a contestant. If the bin selected is an online bin, the random number generator also selects a record number from that bin. That record number identifies the entry and chosen contestant.

      We receive more than 20,000 entries for each drawing, and it takes approximately two hours to prepare and hold the drawing. As you can see it’s an extensive process, which is why the drawing isn’t aired for TV.

      It’s a great question. Thank you for your interest in Cash Explosion.


      • Nellie Judah says:

        I have been playing Cash explosion since 1993 which is 24 years,,I have sent in lots and lots of tickets,never a winning one..Also I watch the show…And some of those people say it was their first ticket and they won…Boy how lucky can you be,, I’m 78,,now,,I need some of there luck Thanks Nellie Judah Piketon Ohio.

      • MarieKilbane says:

        Thank you for being such a great fan of the game. Hope you enjoy this 30th anniversary year. Good luck! Best wishes, Marie

  4. I have been sending tickets for years and I haven’t made it yet.I am 71 they better hurry up…..

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Best wishes to you, sir. Glad you enjoy the show. You would be welcome to visit for a show taping any time.


      • tammie binion says:

        How can be in the audience for the show?. I would love to bring a few family members to watch? I have been sending tickets also.I am waiting for my turn to be a contestant, soon. I love cash explosion!!!!!!

      • MarieKilbane says:

        Hi Tammie,
        We’d love to have you come to the show, along with your family. The Ohio Lottery tapes the Cash Explosion show at a studio in Columbus. I’ve sent your request to our Cash Explosion department. One of their staff members will get back to you and fill you in on details off line.

        Thanks for your support!

      • tammie binion says:

        Thanks Marie!

  5. harold davis says:

    hope they draw my name

  6. Hi, my name is Cheryl Peppers I have been playing cash explosion for years, mailing ticket’s and now entering online and I still haven’t been eligible too appear on the show. I’m starting to think that it’s a game show for people who are already wealthy. I’ve been watching cash explosion every Saturday and when I’m going to be out I record it and I never see my name appear on anything. I’ve seen people that was already on the show appear on the game show to play again and it kind of make me want to give up on cash explosion because I’m spending money that I don’t have trying to win some money and the only thing I’m doing is getting discouraged. Thank You and have a blessed day!

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you for writing in to us! It is exciting to be on the Cash Explosion show, and we’re glad you have been giving the game a try. We have lots of people who submit entries into the contestant drawing — in fact we have upwards of 20,000 entries in the drawing each week. If you haven’t yet used online entry, you might want to give that a try. We offer monthly bonus drawings for cash prizes as well.

      However, in the end, it is the luck of the draw. We encourage you to set a budget for Lottery game entertainment and stick to it. There’s always so much to do, bills to pay and other important needs. Have fun, and when your done, you’re done.

      Write us anytime with questions or concerns. Have a good summer!


  7. LEO&LINDA from KY.we love cash explosion.I was raised in OHIO but moved away in my teens,just been back a few years and my husband& I really enjoy this game & we hope to get on the show someday soon.AT least the gas has got cheaper for our trips to the other side, WE watch the show every sat. THANKS EVERYONE AT CASHEXPLOSION

  8. dorothy charlton says:

    do you people know that miamisburg is on the mapi have been playing for years it seems like you always pick people up north to be contestants i get upset and discourage and say im going to quit playing but i keep buying cash explosion tickets just letting you know miamisburg is on the map

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Thank you for writing, Dorothy. Winners can and do come from everywhere. In the past year, Miamisburg has seen a few big winners in Pick 5 and in Going Pro. We’re glad you enjoy Cash Explosion. We would be happy to invite you to see the show. If you’re interested, let me know!


      • dorothy charlton says:


  9. Helen Daly says:

    Just wandering if my name will ever get picked for the show or a bonus drawing. It get upsetting when you are a loyal fan and player. I have been playing for almost 10 years. I am about to throw the towel in the rink. Player in Franklin Ohio

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Helen,
      Thank you for writing. I understand your feeling that after playing for so many years that you’d like to be on the show — and to not be picked is disappointing. We have more than 10,000 entries in a typical drawing – and in the end it’s the luck of the draw. Thank you for being a loyal fan. We’re glad you enjoy the show!


  10. earl o smith says:

    h0w do i know if i am one of the winners if my ticket was not drawn to be on the show i understand i have other chances to win. and how do you select the lottery ticks that are on the computer and not maileds in?

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Thank you for asking. If you enter your tickets online for a chance to be on the show, as you might know, you get extra perks. On-line entries get up to three chances to win a monthly bonus drawing and are entered into the Ohio Lottery’s $1,000 a Day Giveaway. As a registered entrant, we’ll notify you of any bonus drawing win at the address you placed on file with us. Check out bonus drawing details and recent winners here:

      Now to your question on choosing Cash Explosion contestants. Each entry, whether mailed or made online, is entered into a numbered bin. A member of the Ohio Lottery draw team draws bin numbers, using a random number generator. If the bin selected is a physical bin, a member of Cash Explosion® is blindfolded and reaches into that bin to select an envelope. Assuming there is a valid entry ticket in that envelope, that entrant becomes a winner. If the bin selected is an online bin, the random number generator also selects a record number from that bin. That record number designates an individual entry received online and that entrant becomes a winner.

      We’re pleased you enjoy the Cash Explosion instant game and TV show. Thanks for your interest!


  11. Nikki jackson says:

    I’ve been in the last 6 drawing for cash explosion and many more before that I always have this feeling like I’m going to be picked soon but sadly I have not yet. Me and my kids make sure we are home to watch every Saturday night and one day im hoping to see my kids excitement when they call my name. I used to mail my tickets in but I never got anything back so that made me nervous and i started entering online. I know it says the chances are the same either way but I wonder if that’s true. I just Invision them grabbing the tickets out of a bowl or something similar to that. Lol. Just curious if anyone had any input on this;)?

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Nikki,
      The chance of being drawn as a contestant is the same, whether entry is online or through the mail. All entries are placed in physical or digital bins, and the bins are chosen using a random number generator. Once the bins are chosen, it’s from there the Cash Explosion team draws the winning entries.

      Now there are a few extra perks for entering online — up to three chances to win a monthly bonus drawing and automatic entry into the Ohio Lottery’s $1,000 a Day Giveaway. So, it’s a good move.

      Thank you for asking the question and for being a fan of Cash Explosion!


  12. willie says:

    Do you get sent a postcard to notetaflie you if your going to be on the game show.

  13. Nikki jackson says:

    My dream is to be on cash explosion.Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of winning? I’ve been entered almost 10 weeks in a row, just wondering if there’s any input? Thanks

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Nikki,
      Thank you for asking the question. Typically, there are about 15,000 entries in a drawing, and the drawing gives everyone an equal chance to be chosen to appear on the show — so roughly 1 in 15,000 for a single entry. Those with multiple entries in a single drawing will have a bit better chance. Let’s say someone has 2 entries in a 15,000 entry drawing, that’s odds of roughly 2 in 15,000 or 1 in 7,500. Of course, if you enter online there are chances to win other cash prizes, something that’s not available to players who mail in their tickets.

      We’re glad you enjoy the show and appreciate you reaching out!


  14. austin c skinner says:

    Are your chances better if you mail the ticket entry than enrtering it on line? I enter on line about 4-6 tickets weekly, but have never seen anything about this or if entry was received ? My wife and son watch the show each Saturday, anxiously awaiting our name to be announced.
    Thank you

    • MarieKilbane says:

      Hi Austin,
      The chances of being on the Cash Explosion TV show are the same, whether you send in your entry online or through the mail. The one difference is that tickets sent via online entry are eligible for other cash prizes. On average, there are approximately 20,000 entries per drawing. Thank you for your interest in Cash Explosion!


  15. Linda Allison says:

    I have sent tickets in since the show started,hope I will get on show sometime

  16. Dorie Mantel says:

    Just sending my ticket in hoping to be called for the game love the show

  17. Bev says:

    How do I get back on cash explosion sign up I have a new telephone number and new account please let me know

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