What Happened During the Drawing?

Karen KawolcisWhen you’re doing live TV, anything can happen. Last night it did. Karen Kawolics was doing the live Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5 drawings when suddenly at the end she stopped talking and seemed to sway a little when one of the crew members stepped in and walked her off camera. Social media lit up right away with comments of concern for Karen’s health, so I wanted to update everyone and let you know that Karen is a little under the weather but she’s feeling better!

Karen is home today recovering from the flu. She got through the Rolling Cash 5 drawing which is taped first for the web. Just before the live drawing at 7:30 she started feeling dizzy and sweaty, but she pushed through!

“I think it was a combination of nerves and feeling like I might get sick. I am glad and surprised I read the numbers correctly. By the time I got to the Pick 5 I felt like I might faint and completely zoned out. I don’t even remember Ryan (one of the crew members) coming to get me,” she said.

Karen says everyone was kind to her after the incident, and she is thankful to them and all of the viewers who were worried about her.

“I truly appreciate all the concern from the public. It’s nice to live in a state with so many good and caring people! I want everyone to know that I am completely fine. I just have a flu bug,” Karen said.

Get well soon, Karen!

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1 Response to What Happened During the Drawing?

  1. I hope you’re ok Karen!!We all love you!

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