What a Display!

It was a year ago that I first met George Kozak to pick up a collection of Ohio Lottery tickets that he started in 1974. There were more than 7,000 tickets in the collection, and George wanted the Ohio Lottery to have them. We took all nine binders that he had so carefully catalogued over the years and turned them into a display in the lobby of the lottery central offices. Friday, George and his daughter got to see the display for the first time.


“I didn’t know what to expect, but this far exceeds my expectations. This is wonderful to see all of Dad’s work displayed,” Mary Kalenits said.

Director Dennis Berg and a number of Lottery staffers were there to greet George when he arrived. They wanted to say thank you and get a glimpse of the 89-year-old who spent more than 30 years collecting tickets. George even shared a few stories about some of the other items he likes to collect.

George joked that he doesn’t play anymore, but on the way out he stopped and picked up five dollars worth of instants. The first $1 ticket he scratched was a $4 winner! That one, he said, wouldn’t be going into a collection.

Follow the link to see some of the presentation and hear from George.



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