Can you say $10,000?!

Ten grand is the number of the day at the Ohio Lottery’s Athens regional office!

Jessica BelcherJessica Belcher and her children, Jorja and Skot, stopped in to claim a $10,000 prize Jessica won on a $2 Mayan Mayhem ticket! Jessica said she couldn’t believe that she won, and plans to put her winnings toward a new car. Her daughter and son have different plans for the money, though! Jorja wants acrylic nails, and Skot wants a bow and arrow!

Dennis & Yvonne Thompson traveled South Charleston, WV kept the $10,000 theme going when they stopped to claim the ten grand Dennis won on a 50th Anniversary Pro Football Hall of Fame ticket he purchased at a Circle K in South Bloomingville.

Dennis and Yvonne ThompsonDennis and Yvonne have a history of winning outside their home state of West Virginia. A couple of years ago they won $112,000 in the Florida Lottery! It may be sunnier there, but Dennis and Yvonne say they didn’t get the same friendly service that they got from the staff at the Ohio Lottery! They plan to use the money for their IRA account.

Congrats to Jessica, Dennis and Yvonne!

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