Winnings Worth the Wait

It’s really tough to be patient sometimes. Especially when you know you could be on the receiving end of a big cash prize! Winning came after a little waiting for two of our recent Top Prize Drawing winners!

2013 $300 Million Extr_winner Ishmael Clair.

Ishmael Clair of Middletown won $5,500 and an entry into the top prize drawing on the $300 Million Extravaganza ticket he bought in 2007. He had to wait for the big win, but it was worth it! He won $2 million in the top prize drawing for that game on July 8, 2013! Ishmael said he plans to buy a new lawn mower, but we’re pretty sure he won’t be the one mowing the lawn anymore.

2013-$150k TPD Winner Daniel Molchan

Daniel Molchan of North Royalton purchased a Money Mania Extra Play ticket in November 2011. He won $5,500 and a TPD entry that day, but it wasn’t until July 11, 2013 that he got the big prize! The TPD crew showed up at his door with a check for $150,000! Daniel said the win comes at a good time as he’s nearing retirement after 40 years in the steel mill.

Congratulations to Ishmael and Daniel!

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