Meet this Week’s Retailer-of-the-Week Spinner’s Discount Tobacco & Beverage

retailer072913[1]David and Jan Spinner, owners of Spinner’s Discount Tobacco & Beverage, value their customers. They say without them, they would not have a business, or be able to make a living. So, the Spinners make sure they take real good care of their customers by providing great customer service. David and Jan make sure that their employees know about all instant lottery games and how to play them. Spinners carries at least 50 instant games and employees know how to play each and every one of those games. When it comes on-line games employees also know the different ways to fill out bet slips. They are helpful because they know the various ways and combination bets that the customer can play in order to maximize winnings, and they are ready and willing to assist.

David Howard, the Sales Rep says Spinner’s is a model agent. “They treat customers like family, they know them by name. They keep instants in full view and jackpot signs are always updated. Their customers are family,” he said.

Congratulations Spinner’s Discount Tobacco & Beverage!

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