Lottery Players Win Tons of Funds

Winning an Ohio Lottery game is always exciting, especially when you pull in a big prize! John Zdilla of Wexford, Pennsylvania crossed the border winning a $200,000 top prize on the recently released instant game Tons of Funds.

Winning tons of funds is a great segue into some of our other winners across the state! Including Zdilla, the following players across the state won a total of $259,956 in prizes playing Ohio Lottery games. ]

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Daniel Wantz of Chardon won $8,856 on KENO.

Aundrea Johnson of South Point won $10,000 on Mega Multiplier.

Anthonly Cozad of New Lexington won $10,000 on $200 Million Extreme Cash.

Julia Cook-Owens of Cuyahoga Falls won $40,000 in the July 8 Powerball drawing.

Ricky Citraro of Akron won $5,500, a top prize entry on $5 Million Jackpot.

Richard Glasser of East Sparta won $50,000 on the August 17 midday Pick 5 game.

Parmoit Singh Saggi of Elyria won $15,600 playing the August 9 evening Pick 4 game.

Michael Gerken of Lorain won $10,000 on the Mega Multiplier instant.

Tanya Walters of Lorain won $10,000 on Instant Millions.

Congratulations to our latest Ohio Lottery winners!

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