Check Out Our Winners!


William Wilkes of Wooster won $250,000 after matching five of the numbers drawn in Friday’s August 23 Mega Millions’ game. Wilkes had one of the three second-tier prize-winning tickets sold in the game.

Roger Owens of Amherst won $10,000 on the Mega Multiplier Playbook.

Anthony Varn of Uniontown won $5,500 a top prize drawing entry on Platinum Payout. He is automatically entered into a drawing for $500,000.

Ruben Castro of Lorain won $10,000 on 50X The Money.

Gregory Latham of Ashland won $10,000 on Diamond Dazzler.

William Sitterley, Trustee of the Windfall Trust claimed $244,000 on behalf of the ticket holder in the July 18 Rolling Cash 5 game.

Janet Kolis of N. Olmsted won $5,400 on the August 24 evening Pick 4 game.

Stephen Popovich of North Ridgeville won $10,000 on the Quick $100 instant.

Ann Hughes of Grafton won $10,000 on Cash Blowout.




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