AM PM Market-Retailer of the Week for the Week of 9/2/2013


Salah Falah, owner of AM PM Market located at 2317 Salem Avenue in Dayton knows that a pleasant smile and positivity goes a long way in his business. To him they are guarantees  to his success as a Ohio Lottery retailer. Of course Salah uses all lottery point of sales material to promote the Lottery, and he conducts second-chance promos. But Salah knows the real value in a little extra friendliness. He says it will keep customers coming in and continuing to do business with you.  Sales Rep, Reggie Lewis says that AM PM Market value their customers and strive to make every customer’s lottery experience fun and exciting. And Salah has seen how winning the lottery impacts his customers as it brings him joy too. Some of his customers have bought new cars, paid bills, and even bought homes.

“We at AM PM Market enjoy our customers. We love watching the daily excitement when they play midday and evening drawings and buy instants for themselves and as gifts,” he said.  

AM PM Market carries 69 instant games over the counter and has a weekly sales average of $6,467 for instant and on-line games.

  Congratulations Salah !

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