Ready for the New Multi-State Millions game?

Multistate Millions Logo

There’s a lot to be said for joining forces, and we’re doing just that with our newest game, the Multi-state Millions Raffle! We’ve teamed up with six other states to offer the $10 raffle game that guarantees two $1,000,000 winners, and as sales grow, so do the number of $1,000,000 prizes!

It all gets started with the first day of sales on September 8, 2013. You won’t have much time to wait, because the winners will be announced on Friday, November 1, 2013! Once sales exceed $4.6 million, an additional $1,000,000 prize will be added for every $2 million in sales. More tickets sold in all seven participating states means more $1,000,000 winners! If a state doesn’t have a $1,000,000 prize drawn, a $50,000 prize will be awarded.

Do you have friends in New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Indiana, Oklahoma or Iowa? If so, have them get in on the fun too! All six states will be selling the Multi-state Millions Raffle under the name Halloween Millions raffle. Sales of the Halloween Millions and the Multi-state Millions all go to the same pot, so the more sales we see, the more people will win!

We’ve got an added bonus for our players here in the Buckeye State that will leave someone behind the wheel of a new car! For every ticket you purchase in Ohio, you can enter our Ohio-Made Jeep® Wrangler Giveaway! It’s a second chance drawing to win a brand new Jeep® Wrangler, and we’re covering the tax for you! Ten lucky winners will receive $500 cash cards; 20 winners will receive $100 cash cards; 25 winners will receive Ohio Lottery prize packs. Customers have until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 3 to enter the promotion using a special trailing ticket code.

Don’t forget, Multi-state Millions raffle tickets are $10 each. Sales start September 8th and run through October 31 with the drawing being held on November 1!

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1 Response to Ready for the New Multi-State Millions game?

  1. Thanks 4 the oppertunity cant wait.

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