Who’s who: our latest winners!

The following names are added to our Winners’ Map!

*Sarah Lance of Akron was the top prize winner of $1 million. She purchased a TPD entry ticket on July 27,2011 and waited. Her entry was drawn on August 28,2013. After taxes she nets $355,000.

*Theodore Bellack of Wadsworth won $6,198 on the August 31,2013 Midday Pick 4 game.

*Belinda Corlew of Lorain won $5,500 on Sparkling 5’s. A top prize entry, her ticket automatically qualifies her into a drawing for $100,000.

*Donna Foxx of Wooster won $5,419 on the August 30 EZPLAY Rock’n 777’s game.

*Roy Grant won $5,500 on Big Money. A top prize entry, the ticket automatically qualifies Grant  into a  drawing for $1 million.

*Minnie Ragland-Smith of Akron won $5,500 a tpd prize on Money, Money, Money. She automaticaly qualifies for  entry into a $100,000 drawing.

*Carolyn Schiavoni of Sheffield Lake won $5,500, a TPD prize on Special Edition Cashword. She automatically qualifies for entry in a drawing for $100,000.

*Kathy Dane of Amherst won $6,198 on the August 30 midday Pick 4.

*Clara Lautzenheiser of Beloit won $10,000 on Double Doubler.

*Tom Schlotman of Cinicnnnati won $10,000 on the August 21 Powerball game.

*Jerry Hershberger of Massillon won $10,000 on $200 Million Extreme Cash.

*Donna Marshall of Cincinnati won $10,000 on $5,000,000 Cash Blowout.

*Kristofer Trice of Springdale won $10,000 on Fast Cash.

*Michael Sudak of Munroe Falls won $10,000 on Money in the Bank.

*Dawn Isaacs of Middletown won $15,023 on EZPLAY Perfect Game 300.

*Daniel Mescher of Lebanon won $20,000 on EZPLAY OH! My Stars.

*Donyah Perine of Amherst won $20,000 on Magic Money.

*Jimmie Green of Cincinnati won $25,000 on Doubling Star Cashword.

Congratulations to these winners!

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