$10,000 Winnings in Common

2013 $5 million JKp winner_J. Patel.There's nothing like having something in common, especially when it's winning $10,000! Pictured is Jayesh Patel of Lima. He won $10,000 on $5 Million Jackpot. Patel bought the ticket at the end of his shift because he could not get anybody else to buy it. A clerk at Marathon Food Mart in Lima, he decided to buy it after a customer had him tear it off the book. That customer did not realize that the ticket was a $20 ticket and changed his mind about the purchase. Patel tried to sell it all day long but had no takers. Realizing he had an extra $20 in his pocket at the end of the shift, he bought the ticket. It brought him $10,000.

Others with winning $10,000 in common are:

*Erica Owens of Akron won on the Sept. 6 evening Pick 4 game.
*Connie Lewis of Sandusky won on  the Sept. 6 Mega Millions.
*Christina Tucker of Canton won on Sparkling 5’s.
*Andrew Hunt of Canton won on Bingo Times 10.

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