$254,715 in Prizes Add 19 to the Winners’ Map

10-3-13 005 Nineteen Ohioans won over $250,000 in prizes playing Ohio Lottery games. A nudge from a friend got Jonathan Lloyd of Jackson more interested in playing the Ohio Lottery. Lloyd said he only purchased about six Lottery tickets in his life, but he’ll probably be purchasing more after winning $10,000 on Instant Millions.

10-7-13 008
David Smith of Powhatan Point, Ohio won $10,000 on Powerball after asking the clerk to run auto lotto. Because she was a new employee and not comfortable with the terminal, she asked David to choose the numbers. He used his grandchildren’s birthdates and won! He has no plans for the money but you can bet his grandchilderen do.


Other winners include the following:
*Andrea Latham of Akron and Brent Overy of Avon who both won $5,200 on Pick 4 drawings.
*Tammy Bechtler of Norwalk and Kenneth Petty of N. Canton won $5,500 top prize drawing entries on Money in the Bank and Millionaire Spectacular.
*Nicola Zaboura of Strongsville won $10,000 on Tens of Thousands.
*Michael Bombei of Tallmadge won $10,000 on $200 Million Extreme Cash.
*Brandon Wheeler of Sheffield Lake won $10,000 on Mega Millions.
*Amy Ulisky of North Ridgeville won $10,000 on Money in the Bank.
*James Sturges of Jackson won $10,000 on Press Your Luck.
*Gary Miller of Stow won $10,000 on $5 Million Jackpot.
*Craig Flament of Stow won $10,000 on Hall of Fame.
*Melvin Route of Waynesburg won $20,000 on Wild 2’s.
*Glenda Coleman of Akron won $20,000 on Love To Win.
*Robert Narehood of Kirtland won $20,000 on Millionaire Spectacular.
*Steven Fields of Ironton won $23,315 on Rock’n 777’s.
*Deborah Deetz of Newcomerstown won $30,000 on Thrilling 3’s.
*Michael Harris of Cleveland won $30,000 on Thrilling 3’s.

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