Advocates of Exceptional Customer Service-Circle Convenience is This Week’s Retailer-of-the-Week!

September 4 2013 012Because owners Vimal Patel, Parul Patel and Milesly Rodriquez are advocates of exceptional Lottery customer service, Circle convenience is this week’s Retailer-of-the Week. At 11313 Euclid Avenue, this mid size grocery store caters to locals in the University Circle area. Patel says as a retailer it is important to offer exceptional customer service, maintain lottery displays accurately, have a neat and orderly presentation and a variety of instant tickets. He says customers must be able to choose their lottery product quickly therefore, the business carries 50 instants over the counter and 25 games in two win stations.

“The friendliness of the person behind the counter has a great deal of influence over whether the customer will return to purchase more lottery tickets,” he said. “We strive to make the lottery experience fun for our customers.”

Circle Convenience has a weekly sales average of $8,558 for instants and on-line games.

Congratulations Circle Convenience!

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