Winning This Week!

It’s mid-week and the Ohio Lottery wants you to know about winners  acrossP1000675 the state! Scott Ashcraft is one lucky guy. He won three $1,000 prizes in a matter of minutes and on three different instant games. He won $1,000 on $5 Million Cash Blowout, $300 Million Diamond Dazzler and Super Millions Spectacular. Scott bought the three tickets from two different agents. The next day he bought a Lucky 7’s Playbook and won $500. One day later he won another $500! Scott says he’ll use his winnings to build a patio on his home. He calls this lottery experience a once in a lifetime thing!

Dwight BowenMaybe Scott needs to hear Dwight Bowen’s story. Dwight won a million dollar prize four years ago playing $200 Million Extreme Cash. He took the cash option back then, and he got to make the choice again this week when he won another $1 million prize on the same instant ticket! He’s one lucky guy!

Jason Haught  of Wheeling won $10,000 on Double Doubler after  his brother took him to dinner for his birthday and bought him $20 worth of Lottery tickets.

10-18-13 002Other winners include: Kay Fluke of Akron, she won $10,000 on Holiday Spectacular.

*Darlene Pine of Akron won $10,000 on Holiday Gift.

*William DeMario of Canton won $10,000 on the Pick 4.

*David Werntz of Norton won $10,000 on Holiday Gift.

*Allen Blaine of Clarkville won $10,000 on the Lucky 7’s Playbook.

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