Extra! Extra! Cincinnati Fountain Square News is the Ohio Lottery Retailer of the Week!

Cinti Fountain News 2
Ashok Patel, owner of Cincinnati Fountain Square News at 101 E. 5th Street, gets two great side views as an Ohio Lottery retailer: one, the happiness and excitement when his customers win, and two, seeing the results: an increase in ticket sales. Patel knows that everybody wants to buy where a winning ticket was sold in hopes of being next.

Buying a winning ticket at his location is just good news that gets around and promotes in-store traffic and lottery sales. Besides this, Patel’s location is on a very busy corner of the city. So, he does everything he can to promote even more selling — that includes making sure that his employees know about all lottery tickets and using the new dual jackpot sign with other signs posted throughout the store. The store has a dedicated play area in back where customers can complete bet slips and watch KENO drawings.

Patel advises retailers to have a dedicated lottery play area and make sure employees are knowledgeable about all lottery games. He says it’s important to keep up with the jackpots and always ask for the sale.

Cincinnati Fountain Square News has a weekly sales average of $20,532 for on-line and instant games. They carry 49 instant games.

“They are great at selling Lottery products.They have good relationships with customers and that makes them a good “go-to” spot in downtown Cincinnati,” says sales rep Douglas Schoensiegel.

Congratulations Cincinnati Fountain Square News!

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