The excitement of winning

Everybody likes the thrill of winning. The following players had exciting days last week, after playing Ohio Lottery games.
*Charles and Lisa Cowser of Steubenville won $267,000 on the October 2, 2013 Rolling Cash 5 game.
*Angela Barnett of Barberton won $10,000 on Holiday Lucky Times 10.
*Carroll Mills of N. Ridgeville won $10,000 on Money in the Bank.
*Katherine Phillips of Canton won $10,000 on Fast Cash.
*Bonnie Phillips of Seville won $5,500 on Super Millions.
*Belinda Duncan of Akron won$15,600 playing the Pick 4.
*Shirley Miller of Fresno won $10,000 on Super Millions.
*Jesse Hawkins of Ravenna won $5,054 playing KENO.
*George Tabanji of Medina won $10,000 on Lucky 7’s Bingo.
*Arthur Petrauskis of Columbia Station won $29,038 on EZPLAY Perfect Game 300.
*Sharon Dedich of Wickliffe won $10,000 on Money Mutiplier.
*Johnie Burt of Bedford Heights won $25,000 on the Pick 5.

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