Lakeside Sport Shop is 12-9-2013 Retailer-of-the-Week

Lakeside Sports Shop ROW #802

Janet Yohman, the owner of Lakeside Sport Shop in Cortland, knows that seeing is believing, and that is why she displays winning tickets as proof that winning happens at 2115 Wilson Sharpsville Road. She’s got numbers to prove it. The business has a weekly sales average of $12,318 for instant and on-line games, and gives customers a choice of 50 instant games. Yohman promotes the Ohio Lottery by making her customers comfortable, as they are greeted with a smile. Helping with the comfort is a dedicated lottery play area, with tables and chairs for players to use while completing bet slips. Signs are posted in and outside the store as winning proof.

Yohman says that winning the lottery allows her customers to buy things that they otherwise would not be able to buy. She witnessed a customer buying his wife a ring that he said he would one day buy. She was able see the happiness.

Lottery sales rep Reanna Snively says Yohman is very proactive with her customers. She keeps them informed of jackpots and winners. Snively says Yohman will do what it takes to make her already great sales greater. Greeting her customers with a smile Yohman and her employees know that when the customer is happy, that makes the retailer and the employees happy too!

Congratulations Lakeside Sport Shop!

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