OH! OH! OH! Merry Christmas!

Twas five days before Christmas and all through the stores, lottery players were buying, and winning even more!

Check out our winners grabbing a little win just in time for the holidays!

* Jackie Gifford of Aberdeen won $100,000 in the top prize Cashword drawing.

* Christine Plas of Elyria won $11,473 on the EZPLAY Cash Pocket game.

* Patrick Fresch of Sandusky won $20,000 on Magic Money.

* Nicholas Tobrash of Amherst won $5,500, a top prize entry. He  is automatically entered into a drawing for a top $250,000 prize on Holiday Lucky Times 10.

* Cherry Stacey of Huron, Teresa Brutsche of Norwalk, Jeanine Steinle of Huron, and Cynthia Hartman of Willard will split $10,000 after matching four numbers, the mega ball and saying yes to the megaplier on the 12-13-13 Mega Millions’ game.

*Joseph Regalo of Hudson won $20,000 on the December 17, 2013 Mega Millions’ drawing. He matched four numbers, the mega ball and said yes to the Megaplier.

*Dante Escusa of Dover won $5,500, a top prize entry on 20x The Money. He automatically qualifies  for a  chance to win a $100,000 top prize.

Congratulations & Happy Holidays!

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