Convenient Food Mart is 12-23-2013 Retailer-of-the- Week

november 6th 023
Good food, family owned and friendly, with a restaurant atmosphere, now add the Ohio lottery-can it get any better than that? Located at 15521 St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland, Balwinder Singh owns the Convenient Food Mart that he says is in a rich community that has urban pride. His good rapport with his customers is proven by the fact that they share the results of their winning lottery experiences such as pictures of vacations taken and items purchased.

A retailer located in the Collinwood area, he promotes lottery with a dedicated lottery play area and the explaining of the games to customers. Singh says it is important to have knowledge of all games and how to play them. Sales rep Tony Krebs says Bill does an extremely great job taking care of his customers and promoting the Lottery. The business carries 48 games over the counter and 50 through the Win Station located against the back wall of the store. Convenient Food Mart has a weekly sales average of $27,000 for instant and on-line games.

Congratulations Convenient Food Mart!

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