The Year Ends and Begins With a Bang-and Bucks!

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How do you end an old year and begin a new?

If you ask the following Ohio Lottery players they will say with a win, of course! The following players did that and will add their names to the Winner’s Map after making claims totaling over $2 million.

Craig Zidow of N. Ridgeville won $1,000,000 on Millionaire Spectacular.
Cheryl Melling of Athens won $1,000 on $100,000 A year for Life.
Diane Wheeler of Stow won $5,400 on the Pick 4.
Ronald Cool of Norton won $5,500 on Bingo Times 10.
Ronda Coeiser of Winesburg won $5,500 on Super Cash.
Efrain Adorno of Lorain on $5,500 on Money Multiplier.
Terri Staib of N. Canton won $5,500 on 50X The Money.
Jordan Leonard of Warren won $10,000 on 50X The Money.
Nam Nguyen of Akron won $10,000 on $300 Million Diamond Dazzler.
Ernest Griffin of Akron won $10,000 on Ghostbusters.
Jack Freligh of Wooster won $10,000 on $5,000,000 Cash Blowout.
Benjamin Hawkins of Garrettsville won $10,000 on the Wizard of Oz.
Amy Pritchard of Canton won $10,000 on Millionaire Spectacular.
Michael Rotilie of Ravenna won $10,000 on Hall of Fame.
Michael McCain of Logan won $10,000 on Cash Blowout.
Jeff Arman of Orrville won $20,000 on 50X The Money.
Ramona Rodhe of W. Farmington won $22,640 on the EZPLAY Perfect Game 300.
Leigh Rothachen of Fresno won $20,000 on Magic Money.
Brett Sulzener of New Philadelphia won $20,000 on 50X the Money.
Gregory Blackmon of Akron won $20,000 on the 12/17/13 Mega Millions drawing.
Kathy Woolfe of New Lexington won $25,000 on Double Star Cashword.
John Motter of Canton won $250,000 on Holiday Lucky Times 10.
Daryl Pooler of Pomeroy won $500,000 on 50X The Money.
Now that’s the way to start the New Year! Congratulations!

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