Adding Names to the Winner’s Map

20XMoney winner_Joseph Poole2014 50XMoney winner_Adam Carte.jpg2014Holiday Spect winner_David Bobo2014 Instant Mills winner_ John Ross2014 50xMoney winner_Jordan Leonard

The following players will add their names to the 2014 Ohio Lottery Winner’s Map.

Joseph Pool of Pomeroy won $1,000 on 20X The Money.

Adam Carte and family, of McArthur won $20,000 on 50x The Money.

David Bobo of Millfield won $1,000 on Holiday Spectacular.

John Ross of  Athens won $1,000 on Instant Millions.

Jordan Leonard of  Warren won $10,000 on 50x The Money.

Nancy Ientile of Elyria won $10,000 on Sparkling 5’s.

Laurie Schmidt of Wooster won $10,000 on 50X The Money.

Dovie Sehlmeyer of Sandusky won $5,500 on 20 x The Money.

Mary Jordan of Elyria won $5,500 on Diamond Dazzler.

Doretha Myricks Street of Massillon won $5,500 on Sparkling 5’s.

Daksha Patel of Willoughby won $25,000 on the August 16, 2013 Pick 5 game.

Pamyla Motley of Cleveland won $50,000 on Happy Holidays.

Catherine Lawrence of Cleveland won $50,000 on the November 27, 2013 Pick 5 game.

Crystal King of Akron won $10,000 on Super Millions.

Jodi Dunlap of Zanesville won $50,000 on Happy Holidays.

Congratulations winners!

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