Connecting Through Classic Lotto

We get emails from our players all the time, but this one we had to share! Julie Schilling of Dover sent us an email about her dad and the connection she still has with him since his death in 2007. The connection comes every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday when the Classic Lotto is drawn. It’s a sweet story, and we’re so glad Julie shared it with us. You can read her story in her words below.

Hello, I am writing to the Ohio Lottery because of my father. I thought that someone might want to hear my story. When I was little my father played the lottery and always played the same numbers. I really did not know as I grew up that he still played. After his passing in 2007 I was cleaning out his truck and found an envelope full of Classic Lotto tickets with the same number. I decided that from that day forward I would play that game and that number. It now has been almost seven years. I want to thank you for letting me stay connected to my father. Neither one of us have won more than maybe $10. Truthfully it does not bother me that we never win, it is the connection I get every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday with my dad! Thank You, Julie Schilling

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