Besides being on the Winners’ Map, Winning also Changes Things!

1-21 MM winner_C Radosavljevic Winning a $1 million Mega Millions prize changed everything for Garfield Heights resident, Cynthia Radosavljevic. Cynthia’s day started out with sad tears after being turned away from getting blood work because she had no insurance. But her sad tears became happy after her son Ryan told her a winning ticket had been sold at her regular lottery stop, Boulevard Convenient Store. Cynthia discovered she bought the million-dollar winning ticket! She matched five numbers in the January 21 Mega Millions drawing. Cynthia adds her name to the Ohio Lottery Winners’ Map. Her frown has been turned upside down!
1-21 MM retailer Boulevard Convenient

Sherry Hondzynski and Robert Schumaacher, owners of Boulevard Convenient Store at 8808 Garfield Boulevard are happy about the win too. They sold the second-tier prizewinning Mega Millions ticket and receives a $1,000 agent sales bonus!

When Brian Baldwin goes to a lottery retailer to pick a lottery ticket he says he buys whatever strikes his fancy. He was struck by Bingo x10, winning a $100,000 top prize. He adds his name and hometown, Preeble, to the Winner’s Map.

Other winners include two $25,000 Doubling Star Word winners:
*Gerard McHugh of Elyria and Stephanie Fowler of Hamilton.
*Alonzo Buckner and Shelia Cammon of Cleveland both won $25,000 on the Pick 5 game.
*Robert Sammons of Akron won $10,000 on $5,000,000 Cash Blowout.
*Diana Wood of Fairlawn won $10,000 on 20X The Money.
*Brian Morton of Woodsfield won $19,618 on Perfect Game 300.
Congratulations Winners!

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