Players make Lottery History

Okay, so I was trying to find a nice segue into telling you about our latest  Ohio Lottery winners. So I did some research into what happened on this day in history. Going to, 218 events were listed. Glen Miller’s Chattanooga Choo became a gold record in 1942. In 1979 Rod Stewart wrote “Do Ya think I’m Sexy?”  My Friend Flicka  debuted on CBS in 1956.   Hanna 2-7-14 003& Barbera’s Tom & Jerry debuted in 1940. And the one winner that sticks out in my musical head is the song  Spooky, by the Classics IV. It became #3 in 1968 on this day in history. What does all of this have to do with winning the lottery? Well, the following players made Ohio Lottery history  by winning, and on this day, will add their names to the Map of Winners.

Susan Shaw of South Webster won $10,000 on $50X The Money.

Charles Long of Athens won $50,000 on the Lucky 7’s Playbook.

Douglas Miller of Akron won $60,000 playing the Pick 5.

Slavko Hercegovac of Akron won $100,000 on the 2-3-14 Rolling Cash 5 game.

Steven Brechbill of Massillon won $10,000 on 10X The Money.

Mark Liberator of Canton won $10,000 on $100K For LIfe.

Rajendrakuma Patel of Alliance won $1,000 on $200 Million Extravaganza.

Robert Smarr of Akronwon $5,002 on Mega Millions.

Randy Garrett of Ravenna won $10,000 on 10X The Money.

Carla Stone  of Mt. Gilead was the top prize winner of $100,000 in the Special Edition Cashword game.

Congratulations to these winners….

In the cool of the evening, when everything is gettin kinda groovy, you call me up and ask me if…

I’ll be singing this one the rest of the day.

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