Piggie’s Main Street Market is 2-17-2014 Retailer-of-the-Week

Piggie's 1
At 136 East Main Street in South Amherst, goodness comes from Piggie’s Main Street Market. They have a hard time keeping customers away because of their great customer service and great lottery selling. Put that in the form of a Match Game question and you get this: “How customer friendly are the employees at Piggie’s Main Street Market?” Answer: They are so customer friendly that customers are limited to visiting only three times in one day. Of course the Pignitellas and the Henkes, the owners, are just joking and maybe even bragging a little bit. But, they do have very loyal lottery customers who live in town, and they want to keep it that way.

In fact, they will do whatever it takes to maintain customer friendliness and increase lottery sales. They say they take advantage of the advice and resources that come from Lottery. Piggie’s Main Street Market recently had a makeover that included a new KENO play area and a dedicated area for filling out bet slips. Taking advice from their sales rep, they say there can never be too much lottery signage. They keep what works and tweak what doesn’t.

The friendly customer service is heartfelt and has been extended into the neighborhood. The owners fondly remember a Rolling Cash 5 winner who anonymously helped several families in need.

“There is so much good that comes from an unexpected win,” says Michelle Henke.

Congratulations Piggie’s!

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