The Ohio Lottery – Adding a little “spice” to Your Life!

Variety is the spice of life; the Ohio Lottery knows it. When it comes to playing games and making choices, the Ohio Lottery has a variety of flavors for you: eight on-line games; 74 instants; 14 EZPLAY Games, including two progressive style games; Keno with the Booster, and let’s not forget Cash Explosion. Yes, we’ve got YOUR perfect game!(s).2-19-14 PerrGme_winners
Thomas Patterson, Ricardo Vilez, Patrick Hough and Joseph Marrali were recently in town for work and shared a $12,450 jackpot from Perfect Game 300.

Steven Heuing of Russia, Ohio won $28,082 on Perfect Game 300.11-13 Heuing

2-24-14 Perfect gm winner_David Angles
David Angles of Fosteria is proof that winning can be heavenly. He won $36,212 on a Perfect Game 300 jackpot.

2-19-14 PWB winner_Carroll Hamilton.

Winning the Powerball game spices up life for Medway residents Carroll Hamilton and his wife Norma. They got a welcomed $1-million surprise, after playing at his regular lottery stop, Community Market in New Carlisle. They won on the 2-19-2014 drawing and will take a long vacation.

14 King's gold winner_Jason Rainer

Jason Rainer of Wellston won $5,500 on the instant game, The King’s Gold. The win, he says, will allow him to pay some bills and go on a shopping spree — especially with two young children in the home.

With a variety of styles and play, the Ohio Lottery has got the flavor to spice up your life — game on!

Congratulations winners!

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