Freezing temps drop Hot Winners!

It’s been a long and cold week. But that didn’t stop determined Ohio Lottery players from dropping it like it’s hot and winning! Joseph Huff of Jackson won $10,000 on Hot $100,000. A construction worker who got laid off because of cold weather, the win could not have come at a better time.


Other $10,000 winners include Constance Krehel of Wooster. She won on the Lucky 7s Playbook. Rodney Crawford of Richmond Heights won on EZPLAY Tens of Thousands. Princess Nelson of Cincinnati won on Super Million Spectacular. Hugh Phipps of Cincinnati won on Bingo X 10.

Linda Coleman of Vermilion won $5,500 on Lucky Times 10. Renee Hart of Sandusky  won $16,016 on Keno. Giuseppe Codispoti of Canton won $20,000 on Wild 2’s. Wayne Grant of Garfield Heights won $20,000 on Money in the Bank. Charles Dunn of West Chester won $50,000 on 40th Anniversary Millions.


Darren Angell of Lambertville, Michigan kept telling his father he was going to win big on the Rolling Cash 5 one day. On February 26, 2014 Angell’s dad became a believer. Darren won a $130,000 Rolling Cash 5 jackpot.

Elizabeth Stevens of Brooklyn won $100,000 on Special Edition Cashword. Stevens said she did not give up on winning. She was out at Giant Eagle to buy popsicles for her husband Tom, who is battling cancer. With the two of them on a fixed income, she said it’s her sad story but the win was her miracle!

To warm up your days, get inside your nearest Ohio Lottery retailer location. Drop it like it’s hot, and you could be the next winner!

Congratulations Winners!

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