We Love Hearing Great Stories About Winning!

It does our hearts good when we hear great stories connected to players who win.

Sometimes we will give you the story straight when we can’t reach the winner by phone; other times, the story will come with a  great chaser. For instance, Elizabeth Stevens’ win came with a great chaser. She went out to get popsicles for her husband, Tom, who has cancer. She came back with something more: a $100,000 miracle from a Special Edition Cashword instant.

She explained the miracle will help pay for parking at MetroHealth, when he goes for treatments. And, her story made Ellen DeGeneres’ Good News blog.

Henry Gillam made a foody call on Valentines Day and got a sweet $391,000 when he played Rolling Cash 5 that day. Darren Angell predicted to his dad that one day he was going to win the Rolling Cash 5 big! He made a believer out of his dad when he matched all five Rolling Cash 5 numbers on February 26. Duane Epperson had a similar experience, making his brother Danny a believer after winning $1 million on the 40th Anniversary Millions ticket.

This week, talking to one of our players by phone, Geraldine Harmon got a kiss that was worth 20X the Money. Harmon sent her husband, Larry, to buy tickets. He came back home, scratched the 20X the Money instant and planted a big one on his wife.  She knew then she had a winner, but she didn’t expect that kiss to be a $100,000 one.

3-5-14 002

Because we could not reach these players by phone, we’re giving this to you straight. Kayla Hubbard of Geneva won $100,000 on Cadillac & Cash. Richard Ford of Cleveland won $120,000 on the February 18, 2014 Rolling Cash 5 drawing.  Jasha Williams of Tallmadge won $5,200 in a March 4, 2014 Pick 4 drawing. Omkarbhai Patel of Copley won $5,200 in  a February 27, 2014 Pick 4 drawing. Michael Habas of Stow won $7,273  on the EZPLAY Cash Pocket game. Jennifer Smith of Lakewood won $10,002 on a February 25, 2014 Keno drawing.  Kenneth Redd of Cleveland won $20,000 on 40th Anniversary Millions. Debbie Madrigal of Massillon won $20,000 on Millionaire Spectacular. Cory Saxton of Dayton won $20,000 on Anniversary Millions.

Sometimes winning is straight forward; other times it comes with a great chaser. Either way, winning Ohio Lottery games can be quite smooth.

Congratulations Players!

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