Celebrating Luck of the Irish early!

Ebs_shamrocks[1]Although St. Patrick’s Day is  less than a week away,  that didn’t stop the following Ohio Lottery players  from celebrating their extreme good fortune . The following players got a jump-start on kissing the Blarney Stone,  winning  a whole lotto green!

Perfect Game Winner

Okey Underwood of West Chester and Scott Jerome of Liberty Township  will split a $61,712 EZPLAY Perfect Game 300 jackpot. These four players won $5,500. Kay Fluke of Akron won on $100 Million Mega Fortune. Lorri Maple of Louisville  won on Special Edition Cashword. Anna Loan of Amherst  and  Bridget Bush of Wooster each won on 50X  The Money.



These eight players won $10,000 each!  Darcina Olney of Barberton  scratched  Ghostbusters. Dennis Wheeler of Navarre scratched $100,000 A Year for Life. Tyler Meighen of Cuyahoga Falls  scratched Millionaire Spectacular. Joy Robinson of Steubenville won On Lucky 7’s Bingo.  Kathleen Longeway of West Chester won on Double Doubler. Ruby Hatton of Lockland won on Mega Fortune. Shawntee Horton of Cincinnati and Woodford Rice of Ironton each won on 50X The Money.

Mike Murray of Kings Mills, Ohio won $11,000 on KENO. Wayne Maupin of Cincinnati won $14, 488 on EZPLAY Perfect Game 300. Deborah Wallace of Milford and Taylor Sturwold of Cincinnati each won $20,000 on $300 Million Diamond Dazzler. Michael Caronchi of Avon won $20,000 on 50X The Money. Donald Ward of Norwalk won $50,000 on Mega Multiplier Playbook. Donna J. Powers, trustee of The Voodoo Science Trust claimed a $1 million December 6, 2013 Mega Millions prize on behalf of the winner.

When you play Ohio Lottery games,  any day out of 365 can be lucky!

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