They’re in Luck!

imagesCARD4ZDBOkay, so I’m stealing a few words  from The Friday Plain Dealer’s Friday Magazine that read You’re In Luck!  I changed it up a bit to read They’re in Luck.  But at least I admitted it. I had to find a way to tell you about our latest Ohio Lottery winners since earlier this week we already told you about some Blarney Stone Kissers who got a jump-start on good luck. Here are more.

Harry Fontaine of Amelia won a mega fortune. He beat the 1: 2.3 million odds and won a $5 million prize on the $100,000,000 Mega Fortune instant game.

  Harry Fontaine 1

Denise Putt of Hartville won $100,000 on the  February 22, 2014 Kicker game.

He may not be a super hero, but he has his own story to tell. Bert Irons of Lima came in strong. He soared to a $500,000 win after scratching  50 X The Money.

Lindsay Thomas of Alliance won $1,000 on  Money Multiple.

David Jones of Sherrodsville is getting$10,000. He won just that  scratching  the Ohio Lottery’s $10,000 Grant instant game.

Mary Loy of New Matamoras won $20,000 on 50x The Money.

3-11-14 012

And now, I always like to leave our readers with a little song. This win will have you singing.

Joy Robinson of Steubenville might be feeling like a room without a roof. She’s happy! She won $10,000 on Lucky 7’s Bingo. And right about now I’m lol cause I know that you are singing… for Joy, right! (clap along if you feel like a room without a roof….) You finish it.

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