Buzzworthy Wins Generate Squee

I pulled together this blog after checking out the 2013 Oxford Dictionary online updates. Congrats to the following winners! Their wins are certainly buzzworthy (i.e likely to arouse public/media coverage or word of mouth) generating  a whole “lotto”  squee (i.e.great delight /excitement).

William Little of Westlake won $1 million on the March 3, 2014 Mega Millions drawing. After leaving the Northfield Rocksino with a $200 win he bought a Mega Millions ticket that night. He retires from First Energy in 58 days, talk about adding to a retirement package!


Steven Fitzsimmons of Ashtabula won $445,001 on the March 10, 2014 Rolling Cash 5 game.

RC5 002

Harry Walton of Brunswick won $183,000 in the March 16, 2014 Rolling Cash 5 game.

RC5 009

Chelsi Smith of Toledo was very excited after winning $25,000 on Joker’s Wild.


Frank Gjurkovitsch of Cuyahoga Falls won $10,000 on Money in the Bank.

Money -n-Bank winner _Frank Gjurkovitsch

Laura Davis of Buchtel won $1,784 on Keno after joining her husband in a Keno game.

3-17-14 013

Andrew Bolton of Sandusky and John Combs of Elyria each won TPD prizes of  $5,500.

Ten thousand dollar winners are Gerald Demarino of Tallmage, Kenneth Edgeson of Plymouth and Drinda Winey of Wooster.

Kathy Knopf of Elyria won $20,000

Did you know that playing Ohio Lottery games helps you avoid FOMO(fear of missing out)?

Congrats to our winners!

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