Giving This to you Straight!

The following Lottery players beat the odds and won.R. Nowak $10,000 Winner  Game #176 002

Ronald Nowak of Hinckley was all a buzz. He won $10,000 on the $10,000 Grant instant. game.
3-20-14 020

Kenneth Wickham of Lewisville won $10,000 on 10X The Money.

.3-21-14 026

George  Righter of Little Hocking won $16,400 playing Keno.

3-20-14 023

Joe Anderson  of Waverly won $7,762 on Perfect Game 300. He says he enjoys playing the perfect game and often plays with a group.

3-21-14 028

Anthony Byers of  South Point  is a good brother. He won $10,000 on Super Millions and will split his prize with his sister!

Other winners include:  Benjamin Delaplane of Mentor. He won $25,417 on the Pick 5 game. Donald Lamtman of Akron won $10,000 on  $300 Million Diamond Dazzler. Karl Hlava of LaGrange won $5,200 on the Pick 4. Victor Rotondo of New Philadelphia won $50,000 on Lucky Times 10. Douglas Gantz of Elyria will split a $10,000, $200 Million Extreme Cash prize with Spencer Gambrel of Elyria. Aaron Caley of North Canton won $10,000 on $100,000,000 Mega Fortune. Curtis Payton of Sandusky won $25,417 on the Pick 5.

Congratulations winners!



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