Northern Lights Carryout is 3-24-2014 Retailer-of-the- Week

100_0739When you carry 71 instant games, generating a weekly sales average of $15,000 probably comes easy. The Ranas own Northern Lights Carryout at 3549 Cleveland Avenue. They know it’s not just about having many tickets from which to choose. Having a staff that provides good customer service and great advertising will keep customers coming back, and the medium-sized carryout does just that. The business has dedicated Lottery area with big winner posters, winning Lottery tickets and a Keno play area that advertises Lottery. Dual jackpot signs promoting the Mega Millions and Powerball games hang along the walls, along with the store’s Hot Picks sign. Their Keno monitor is strategically placed in a prominent location. Northern Lights Carryout also has a dedicated Lottery staff who know their customers. The staff provides personalized service, and over the years has built lasting relationships. Their customers are mainly repeat ones.  Others will drive the distance because of the Lottery staff’s great service.

Congratulations Northern Lights Carryout!

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