Making New Winners Every Day!

3-24-14 RC5 winner_ B. Might

Congratulations to Bernard Might of Pomeroy. This week he visited the Riverside Food Mart in Pomeroy, and walked away with a Rolling Cash 5 ticket worth $60,611! He had one of two winning tickets sold in the March 24, 2014 Rolling Cash 5 game. He and wife Sherrie, a retired nurse, have sensible plans for the windfall. Sherrie was excited to report that they are planning to prepay their funerals, do some work on their home and help those in need.

Alan Amos of Barnesville won $5,500 on 50x the Money. Anthony Robinson of Akron won $25,000 on the Pick 5.

The Cincinnati area had lots of winners. Howard Plante of Cincinnati won $130,00 on the March 21 Rolling Cash 5.  David Nieman  of Hamilton won $100,000 on Special Edition Cashword. Ronald Newman, Jennifer Newman, Neil Weiner, Anthony Stevens, Mildred Kohler and Rebecca Suttles-Ross each won $10,000.  Dana Campbell, George Christakos and Wendell Blue won $20,000. Terence Boehm won $50,000.

Blanche Taylor won $10,000. Kinesia Thorpe won $10,000. The Sycamore and Ninth Trust claimed the February 2, 2014 $228,000 jackpot on behalf of the winner. Timothy Bendel won $5,800 on the Pick 4.  Erin Jacobs won $100,000 on Bingo times 10. Thomas Huntsman won $20,000 on Love to Win.




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