Monday blahs became Happy ahs

On Monday players turned blahs into happy ahs after claiming prizes on Ohio Lottery games. Frances Campbell of Canton won $250,000 on 20X The Money. Earlier in the year she won $600 on the same game. The Campbells will use the windfall for home repairs.


Gwen Glenn won $100,000 on Cadillac Cash.


Beth Biffle won $10,000  on Monopoly Jackpot.


The following players each  won $10,000: James Webb, Prince Jackson, Alvin Morris, Mike Yarian and Howard Myers.

Twenty Thousand dollar winners are Christopher Ernst, Toni Caldwell and Troy Reeves. Gary Combs won $25, 208. Cheryl Dailey won $29,976.

Victoria Simpson and Kathleen Dane each won $50,000.

Erwin Jacobs won $100,000.

Milos and Mary Lekic will split the $189,000  March 30 Rolling Cash 5  jackpot.

With several game styles, different ways to win,  from on-line to instant, playing Ohio Lottery games can  make your days exciting!



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