But wait, there’s more…Winning!

Earlier this week we wrote of Lottery players who turned their Monday moaning blahs into happy Monday ahs after the Ohio Lottery received over $800,000 in winning claims! And now there is more! More claims poured into Lottery central as winners claimed over $400,000 in  total  prizes.

Brittany Bradler $200,000 Game #183 (2)

First up is winner Brittany Bradler of Geneva. The 20-year-old Geneva resident won $200,000 on Extreme Cash Double Play. She just bought a car and has not even made the first payment. She will do some extreme celebrating. She’s taking her mom, grandma, brothers, sisters and niece to Disney for 10 days!

Garey Grigsby won $5,200 on the Pick 4. Jeffery Hoskins won $5,600 on the Pick 4. Chase Speegle, Sandra Hawk, and Howard McFadden each won $5,500 and are automatically semi-finalists for a top prize.

Ten thousand dollar winners are Pamela Woods, Norma Erwin, Rodney Stone, Robert Young and Andrew Duck.

Toni Caldwell, Denise Litmer,  Alonzo Richardson and David Allen each won $20,000.

40th Anniversary winner_Toni Caldwell

James Friend  won $25,000.

Bernadine Newman won $50,000.

Don’t wait to get in on the winning, play Ohio Lottery games.

Congratulations Winners!


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