Thanks for the Memories and the Money!

An Ohio Lottery player is singing that classic Bob Hope song Thanks for the Memory all the way to the bank. Early this week Robert Misko won $10,000 on Money In the Bank and  winning brought back pleasant memories for the Clinton resident. He remembered when he first won the lottery, back in 1975! Postage stamps cost 10 cents back then and Misko paid 50 cents for Ohio Lottery Buckeye 300 tickets.


Those little green paper tickets got him on the lottery TV show. Misko even remembers where he bought the ticket, Summit Drive Thru store in Akron. He lived in Akron at the time and today he is a retiree from the city of Akron. Misko said the tv show gave seven players a chance to win up to $300,000. His tickets allowed  him a semifinalist round, and while he was eliminated in the first round, he walked away with $15,000.  He used the money to buy his first house.

Misko said after all these years, he is still on board with the Ohio Lottery today. He is happy with the $10,000 Money in the Bank prize.  He purchased the winning ticket from Cherry St. Bell Store in Canal Fulton. Misko said now he can pay some bills and get another car. The house is paid for.  April is a lucky month for Misko. He remembered April 9, 1969. He was getting out of the military.

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