Lending a Helping Hand

Garrettsville devastation 2 Today we took a trip to Garrettsville, Ohio. You may have heard about the town in the last month. An entire block of the downtown was destroyed by a fire in late March. No one was hurt, but 13 businesses were destroyed inclduing the local food pantry.

Every year from November to May we collect food at Cash Explosion tapings for our Facing Hunger campaign. The food we collect is sent to food banks all over the state, but knowing the need in Garrettsville as the food pantry rebuilds we knew exactly where this round of donations should go.Garretsville packing foodGarretsville packing food 5

Garrettsville devastation 4We packed a van with nearly 1 ton of non-perishable food items collected over the last three months and took them to a temporary warehouse the Nelson Garrettsville Community Cupboard is using.

From canned goods to boxed non-perishable food items, we unloaded the boxes out of our van and carried them into the warehouse.

Michelle Elias, Executive Director of the Community Cupboard, said the response from the community has been overwhelming. They’re working to restock the supply they lost while still serving the families that need the food the most.

They were grateful for the donation! Garrettsville devastation 5We’re grateful to our loyal Cash Explosion fans! The need is great in so many parts of our state, and you’re helping to fill that need!

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