$456,689 Worth of Winning Claims so Far!

We are two days into the week and so far the Ohio Lottery has already received approximately $456,689 in winning claims! The following players will add their names to the Map of Winners!

Leo Beach of Toledo won $40,000 playing the Pick 4. He could have won more but the day he played he only had eight dollars in his pocket. He usually plays $12 on his Pick 4. 2014 Pick 4 winner_ Leo Beach

Jeffrey Boyle of Lisbon combined his birthdate with daughter Madison’s, catching a winning combination on the Rolling Cash 5 game. He won one-forth of the April 20, 2014 $800,000 jackpot. Boyle said the $216,000 win was a shock and a blessing. Now he can move into the house that he bought last August after some repairs, and he is going to pay some bills.

Brian Cooksey of Amherst won $6,989 on EZPLAY Perfect Game 300.
Carlton Benton of North Canton won $5,200 on the Pick 4.
Delbra Hughes of Coshocton won $5,500 on Special Edition Cashword.
Brenda Songer of Lorain won $5,500 on Keno.
Dawn Sanchez of Cincinnati won $10,000 on 10X The Money.
Andrea Welfle of Norwalk won $10,000 on 50X The Money.
Barbara Smith of Lorain won $10,000 on Cash Blowout.
Ralph Moye of Akron won $20,000 on 50X The Money.
Linda Steffen of Covington won $27,500 on the Pick 5.
Melinda Walker of Norwood won $50,000 on Extreme Cash Double Play.


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