Stepping up to Winning

P1000275Several Ohio Lottery players  stepped up to  win after playing Ohio Lottery games. But David Alsop of Washington Court House is telling Lottery players who win to “step up their game.”  That’s what he did  and won  a $1 million annuity prize on the 40th Anniversary Millions instant game. (He chose the $500,000 cash option.) Not only did he step up his game, but he changed it too (the prize point)!

Alsop won $50 on a $20 instant, reinvested his small tier prize, spent $30 on Anniversary Millions and won a big million. Not new to winning a million dollar prize, in June 2011 he won $1 million after scratching the $5 Million Cash Extravaganza instant.

Mary Garcia Gonzalez of North Bend, Ohio won $100,000 on  Special Edition Cashword.

Timothy Ly of  Stow won $5,200 on the Pick 4.

Rebecca Glista of Beloit, Ohio won $8,200 on KENO.

Ronnie Cable of St. Bernard, Ohio won $10,000 on 10X the Money.

Teri Emery of Dillonvale, Ohio won $10,000 on Cadillac Cash.

Joyce Bailey of Akron $10,000 on 50X the Money.

Gregory Triner of Canton won $16,789 on EZPLAY Perfect Game 300.

Melissa Trivette of Lakeville, Ohio won $20,000 on Instant Millions.

Christopher Owens of Loveland, Ohio won $20,000 on $100,000 a Year for Life.

Congratulations Winners!




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