Winners Are Celebrating!

The holiday is over, but some Ohio Lottery  players are still celebrating after winning!

001Linda and Donald Maurer of Warren were in the Youngstown regional office after Linda won $323,000 on the May 22, 2014 Rolling Cash game. Linda has been playing lottery since it began, but said she likes playing Rolling Cash 5 because she only has to choose five numbers from  1 to 39.  This game has paid off for Linda. She won $100,000 in 1995.  Congratulations to Linda and Donald!

Dawnetta Schiffbauer of Akron won $10,000 on Ohio Millions.002

LaShonda Raines of Cincinnati won $10,000 on 50X The Money.

Richard Matz of Ashland won $40,000 on Twisted.

David Garrett of Sandusky won $20,000 on Ohio Millions.

James Johnson and Chris Nielsen of Sandusky will split a $15,000 Triple Black Cherry prize.

Randy McCabe of New Lexington won $110,000 on the May 24, 2014 Rolling Cash 5 game.

Clinton Goodine of Williamsburg won $10,000 on 50X The Money.

Ryan Sigler of Cincinnati won $20,000 on Mega Fortune.

Luanne McCormick of Lorain won $10,000 scratching Instant  Millions.

James Schwanger of Huron won $10,000 on Mega Fortune.

Charles Hoffman of New Franklin won $5,500 on Big Money.

Maynard Collingham of Cincinnati won $10,000 on Diamond Dazzler.

Congratulations to these winners! 

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